November 2015


T’Arts Collective
November 2015
25 Oct- 21 Nov

ARTIST IN FOCUS: Barbara Palmer

Mixed Media Painting-Collage

The rough along with the smooth”

Since graduating from the North Adelaide School of Art and completing a teaching degree, I have been involved in Visual Art and Design education for 4 decades. My career consumed most of my time and while I exhibited my own work on occasion, I was more involved in curating student exhibitions. The nature of teaching required a broad knowledge of techniques, style, media and artists which has informed my own work as I explore a variety of stored ideas from my teaching years.

After retiring from teaching I was finally free to concentrate on my own art practice which I have done for the last two and a half years. I have always been attracted and motivated by the textures on the surface of an object, a living being or a landscape.  For me, the surface quality can reveal the essence of the subject being observed or an intriguing contrast with its core. Indeed the history of a place can be revealed in its rugged environment or soft undulating hills.

The work for this window display focuses on the textures and colours and my reinterpretation of them, during recent travels in the Barossa Valley, Port Augusta and Pichi Richi.

While visiting Tanunda and Bethany I delved into the history of settlement which lead to the Waldhufendorf series. The Waldhufendorf (Forest farm village) developed from the regular, narrow, equal block sizes to larger areas of land and more sophisticated housing structures.

Port Augusta offered many man-made structures, particularly jetties, railways and power stations contrasted with the natural, magnificent Pichi Richi location.

My painting process is one of exploration and constant experimentation; investigating the patterns, colours and relationships found in the landscape or in the painting itself. Once an idea is formulated and the project is begun, the painting often evolves intuitively.

I have used modelling paste, acrylics, collaged photographs, found objects and drawing media to create texture and low relief on the canvas surface to convey the essence of a place.
Above: Waldhufendorf-Triumph
Below: Barossa Vines, Birds, Port Augusta, Birds Detail

Christmas is Coming to T’Arts!!

To celebrate the begining of the festive season and the end of winter Maude Bath has developed a new range of bright, light weight felted scarves and jackets. They will be coming into the gallery over the next few weeks.  Enjoy, have fun, forget winter….

Julie Frahm  will have a range of recycled glass jewellery in the shop for Christmas with the theme of stars. She plans to make similar beads with Coopers Ale, Peroni Beer, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Green Depression Glass and Skyy Vodka.

Below : Jewellery made from Skyy Vodka Bottle, and embellished with fine silver wire.



October 2015


T’Arts Collective
27 Sept-24 Oct

'Old Dogs New Tricks'
Sheryl Glassmith and Robert Perin

A collaboration of ideas.
An opportunity for experimentation.
An excuse to be playful

Four Corners of the World

Joint Exhibition by David Innocente & Tania Ingerson

Combining cartography with photography

Powder coated metal & hand cut velour maps by David Innocente

Photography by Tania Ingerson

Above: Tania Ingerson: “The Tower At Sunset”

Paris – New York – Adelaide –  Venice

These four iconic cities are cities that are special to David and Tania for different reasons
Venice The Fashion, The Canals, The Family Connection
New York  The Music, The Art Deco Architecture, The Bridges
Paris The Tower, The History, The Food
Adelaide The diversity, The Hidden Treasures, The Lifestyle

Each city has its own character when viewed from above and each one is very distinctly designed. The feeling of all of these cities, to us, is very much like their design. Paris has a very chaotic look whereas Adelaide seems very ordered and calm. New York has a dense, tight design but is easy to navigate, where Venice is just the epitome of a city which is easy to get lost in. Each is unique and this work shows them in all their glory.

Below: Image of map of Paris  “ Red, White, Black and Bleu”

Textiles-Surface Design

My printing journey began after starting a Weaving Course at O’Halloran Hill T.A.F.E. (art/craft certificate) and continued study at Stanley Street ,North Adelaide –  Ass. Dip. Fabric design.
It was at Stanley where I discovered fabric design printing and painting on fabric which looked more exciting and simpler to produce than weaving. Whilst at Art School I also worked for Bernina sewing machines in Adelaide Arcade which helped pay for fees and equipment at art school.
I completed the Diploma in Weaving and Fabric Design and became a member of UZ Designs which was set up as a stepping stone for students leaving art school into the real world.  Then I went on to set up UZ Originals at the Old Jam Factory workshops with 2 fellow artists from art school.
In 1988 with my friend and Weaver Ingrid Lock we set up Onka Studio at The Old Clarendon Winery where we stayed for 15 years, this was my studio and place of sales, we had some wonderful years there. After closing this venture  I went on to help set up T’Arts Collective

I love watching the process from the drawing – print – design of  an out -fit and the finished product. I always get excited when I take the finished piece to T’Arts or other outlets to see the reaction and the hopefully a sale which gives a real sense of achievement!

My inspiration comes from the extensive travel in Australia and overseas, expect to see some French and Turkey influences in the coming year!
Most of my ideas come from flora, fauna and landscapes I see along the way
My recent work in T’Arts revolved around Australian Lizards and the rocks found in Kununurra W.A. – Zebra rocks. The fact that you can use the same print to different effects by using different colours or different materials makes it fun and exciting  to experiment.

One of the things I struggled with over the years is coming up with that finished piece that will sell to pay the rent etc. and once I had children I found this more difficult. So I decided to get a part-time job to take the pressure off and began working as a support worker in the community in the aged -care area.
It is rewarding work but sometimes takes over my life, but it also means I can enjoy just being creative and develop ideas without the pressure of it having to sell, and soon!!!


Special Edition SALA canvas 2015


T’Arts Collective
Special Newsletter
SALA Canvas

31 May -27 June


During the month of August for the SALA Festival we had a huge canvas set up in the demonstration window. Any visitors to our Gallery were encouraged to contribute by gluing dots onto it. The circles had been made previously by members of the Collective, and were cut from artist-made fabrics, papers, and other objects such as felted or silk filled bangles, and silk covered buttons, as well as commercially sourced beads.

Margaret Oakley was the first person to place a dot:

After a slow start, with the help of customers John and Colleen Milson, and many many others, the canvas took off:

After a while it was hard to see where the new dots had been placed! Here’s a game of spot the difference for you:

By the end of the month we had a magnificently colourful canvas:

What fun!

Those of you who helped to make the canvas know that we were going to auction it as one large artwork to raise money for charity. Because the canvas as a whole was rather fragile, we decided it was necessary to cut it up and frame it so that the works were protected by glass.

We are now offering four beautiful, framed sections for sale.

They will be $55 each (cost of any postage is extra). They can be seen in our gallery or on our Facebook page. Proceeds from the sale of these will be donated to Centacare which helps homeless youth and victims of domestic violence here in Adelaide.

So hurry in to the shop, or contact us, to buy your piece of the original canvas

Phone: 08 82320265



September 2015



T’Arts Collective
September  2015

30 August- 26 September


Above : Flying Swallow, Anna Small

New works will be featured by Anna Small

Anna is uniting her new sculptures with her original art training in jewellery making. Each piece of sculpture will have hand cut embellishments to decorate and add details.
Wall works in steel & copper and jewellery in silver & copper.

Above: Pomegranate Boat by Anna Small


Lizard and Rock Design –
Similar Prints on textiles gives rise to diverse effects

Fiona has been using a Photographic screen of original designs of lizards and Hand -painted cold wax screen of rock designs and combining the 2 prints in different ways with different colours to produce a summer and winter fabric



oops missed a bit of SALA 2015


Tarts Collective
August 2015

August 1

and some more Tarts Collective members’ SALA exhibitions…..

The Italian Connection

Whether it’s the food, the fashion,or the exotic cars, art and design have also been a strong part of Italian culture.
The 4 artists of GALLERIA INNOCENTE will showcase their work as part of SALA Festival 2015 by sharing their Italian connections.

With the generous help of Renew Adelaide and the great support of Rundle Place, Galleria Innocente was opened on August 15th 2014 by David Innocente and his wife Tania Ingerson. At first it showcased mainly David’s work with a few guest artists but at the beginning of 2015 they introduced Ivana DiStasio and Helen Moon to the gallery and Tania also began to explore her love of photography by showing her work in the gallery.

Craftsman David Innocente will have new wall work featuring Venice, as well as new boxes highlighting Italian passions for soccer and cars. Glass Artist Ivana Di Stasio has new pieces inspired by the Italians love of coffee and playing cards. Textile artist Helen Moon will show the green, white and red of the Italian flag throughout her silk clothing designs and Tania Ingerson will display photographic images highlighting the beauty and colour of Italian life.

One of the features of the exhibition will be a mini cinema which will show the sights and sounds of Italy and with new work using the colours of the Italian flag, Galleria Innocente will give you the feeling of going on a journey through Italy.

Opening night is Friday 31st July from 6-8pm. Exhibition runs from Friday July 31st until Sat Aug 29th. 

Tarts Collective resident metal artist Anna Small would like to invite you to her 2 SALA exhibitions:

‘Home Is Where the Heart is’

To be held at the Stump Hill Gallery

located in the McLaren Vale Visitor Centre

opened by Penny Griggs General Manager of SALA

opening event Sunday August 9 at 2pm

‘Studio 613 on Range’

An open garden and art exhibition open every weekend in August

613 Range Road, Willunga

Vegan Cafe on site



August SALA 2015


Tarts Collective
SALA 2015


You are cordially invited to our official Opening Night in our Gallery for SALA on next Friday 31st July between 6 and 8 pm.
Drinks and nibbles will be supplied.

below: Margaret Marsh pendants, loom beaded & set in resin

What will you see at T’Arts during the SALA event?
There will be an “Artist in the Window” in window 1 each day during the SALA festival working at what they do best. Artists’ work will be available for sale as it is being made.
Window 2 will feature work done by artists from recent workshops or new work they are doing to stretch their boundaries. It will be different from their usual work on display in the gallery and will be titled “Living and Learning”  to tie in with the Theme of South Australian Living Artists.

Above: Robyn with her sketch Normanville Foreshore

Vanessa Murphy (Ness S City), who normally prints and constructs fabric
bags, will be spending time doing her other favourite "Playtime Activity",
drawing and painting her Greeting Cards in the SALA Window.

Just For Fun
There will be a large communal canvas in T’Arts that will be made up of dots/circles in various mediums (paper, fabric, clay etc…)
Anyone who comes into the shop please feel free to stick a dot onto the canvas to help create a pleasing, fun result that will involve everyone.

SALA events around town:

Robyn Zerna-Russell and Barbara Palmer are participating in a SALA exhibition in Gawler which is part of the Gawler Art Trail.
Collective Edge
An exhibition of contemporary art
Gawler Institute, 89 Murray St, Gawler
Opening hours Thurs 10am to 4 pm, Fri – Sun 10am to 4pm.
Below: 5355- Light Pass, Barb Palmer

Julie Frahm is involved in two SALA exhibitions:

1. Fleur Verre
Where: Adelaide City Library, Level 3, Rundle Place, Rundle Mall (Enter via Francis St – off Rundle Mall or via Da Costa Arcade)
Opening: Friday July 31 at 6.00pm.  To be opened by Councillor Susan Clearihan with MC Amanda Blair
What: I am exhibiting a range of recycled glass bead jewellery inspired by flowers.
2. Renew
Where: Pepper Street Art Centre, Magill Road
Opening: Sunday August 2 from 2-4pm
What: I will have a range of Green Depression Glass jewellery available as part of this group exhibition.  Other artists have created work from recycled/upcycled materials!
NEW INSPIRATIONS :  Helen Santangelo
Several years ago I spent a week at the Grampians Texture, where a wide variety of workshops are held to inspire us to explore new skills in contemporary textiles. I chose a 4 day workshop with Liz Maidment “spray-painted stitched landscapes” and completed 2 small pieces on calico and one on silk.
This was a most inspiring location for creativity, as well as joining a vast number of other passionate textile artists. Each morning I walked  from Halls Gap up the bushtrack to the Venus Baths to see the stream, the rocks, trees, birds, the fresh blue sky and feel the heat of the day arriving. Then a whole day…four in all…of creating. There were about 20 of us, spraypainting, stitching, swapping bits of fabric,  helping, and getting lots of inspiration from watching the diversity of our work as it grew.
I took the waratah as a motif, having  seen Margaret Preston’s woodcut Cockatoo…and love the way they stand up so straight and alone in our wild bushland. That red is also very hard to paint.
Since then I have tried to combine my silkpainting,  with collage and handstitching in both my clothing  and to make wall pieces. I also painted a new range of australian native flowers for my cards, and enjoyed the  challenge of using a small space with minimal lines and the colours of the bush.
I  live in the country and work surrounded by the garden, so I am constantly observing plants, how they change and develop. I also love books of  botanical drawings. To then try and paint/stitch them is a challenge, another kind of growing process.
The next step in the creative process and for me one of the hardest, is to take it out of the house, find a shop to put it, and hopefully sell it. I dont like to see textiles under glass, so in framimg my work I have used recycled frames, removing the glass, or covered a canvas board. This is definitely still a work in progress.



Mid July 2015


T’Arts – Textile and Arts Newsletter
New Artists

Llewelyn Ash

Glass Blower

Llewelyn has always been connected with his surroundings. Growing up in the Adelaide hills enriched his experience of natural flora and fauna. Art began in the home for him with both parents being artists, Glen Ash, well-known for his oil painting and Janet Ayliffe a celebrated water colour painter and print maker. From a young age Llewelyn started drawing the animals he was surrounded by; chooks, ducks, dogs, and donkeys. Surfing then became a major part of Llewelyn’s journey, moving down the South Australian coastline along every peninsula.  It was only fitting to fill his drawing books with images of the ocean, with its sea life, and the natural beach landscapes.

Llewelyn primarily worked in watercolors, photo polymer etchings and oil paints in his earlier works. Studying at the University of South Australia posed new techniques and challenges.  Ultimately this is where he was introduced to his passion and love, glass. Being guided and mentored by Gabrielle Bisetto and tutored by Tim Shaw, Llewelyn, created his own unique and distinctive style.

Llewelyn’s glass is now being exhibited in art galleries Australia wide.  With exhibitions held in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney in the last two years, with achievements including the Design Institute of Australia award, finalist in the Australian National Glass Museum Student Award, Selected as a Jam Factory Associate, Recipient of the Pilchuck Scholarship in Seattle and won the Waterhouse Youth Art Prize.

Barbara Palmer


The pattern in the surface of water, the texture of stone or the elongated shapes in a shadow, inspire me to create. I can charge the mundane scene with saturated colour and create a new vibrant vision.
Since graduating from the North Adelaide School of Art, I have been involved in Visual Art and Design education and exhibited works over that time in solo and group exhibitions. I have always lived and worked in country areas situated on the edge of urban population. This space between city and country is often reflected in my artistic expression.
My work is inspired by my love of land and sea and the footprints of human activity found where they meet. Although descriptive of the places I visit, my paintings are not documentary but rather concerned with shape, colour and layering of textures to express something of the essence and atmosphere that I experience.
At times I am compelled to incorporate recognizable forms and other times I focus on texture, colour or phenomena that translate well to organic abstraction.

Exploration and constant experimentation are part of my painting process; an investigation of the patterns, colours and relationships found in the landscape or in the painting itself. Once an idea is formulated and the project is begun, the painting evolves intuitively.
I use modelling paste, acrylics, water-color paint, pastel, charcoal, collaged photographs, found objects and drawing media to create texture and low relief on the canvas surface.

Janet Ayliffe Print Artist, Painter and Printmaker

Janet Ayliffe has been working as a print artist, painter and printmaker for more than 20 years. In that time, she has developed a highly original style that reflects her life, her environment and her family.A pioneer of solar plate etching techniques as well as multiple plate work, she produces art that is, at once, accessible and deeply complex and, at times, mystical.
Here you will discover the breadth of her creativity as well as a window into her life, her development, her children, her home and the hills, animals and plants that surround her. You will find, too, the emotions that stir her, the issues that concern her and the people who have touched her heart. And you will learn a little of the skills she has developed, from Wood Engravings to Intaglio Etching, aquatint and oil and watercolour painting
Most of all, you will be offered a view into the art of her heart.
Born and brought up at a farm on Kangaroo Island, Janet now lives with her family at Honey Humm Farm outside Kangarilla, a village in the beautiful hills region south of Adelaide in South Australia.

Coming up next month in T’Arts the new SALA display themed:
Upcycle + New = Unique to you

Look out for the many interpretations!T’Arts News About Town:
T’Arts members Jenny Knight and Liz Wauchope have two articles in the latest issue of Embellish Magazine. Both are written by Liz, and Jenny and her work are the subject. The first article is about Jenny’s development as an artist, with lots of images of her luscious encrusted beadwork. The second details how to do a project using Jenny’s techniques. You can buy the magazine in newsagents right now Or you can go to the website to subscribe


July 2015


T’Arts – Textile and Arts Newsletter


Midwinter is here with plenty of rain, wind and cloudy cold weather. Out come the hats, coats, scarves, wraps…something warm and colourful to brighten our mood.
T’Arts has a wealth of hand crafted pure wool and silk wonders, so come on into the gallery, even just to admire the member’s artistry and imagination.
The Nullarbor Nights range includes bright knitted woollen scarves and jackets, and some hats to match.
Bev Bills woven wool wraps and scarves will complement any coat or jacket, bringing added texture and  elegance.
Bella Head has just had her window display, with beautiful ponchos, wraps, scarves in different textures, threads and patterns. It is really interesting to see her method of weaving, and the detail involved in the process.
Maude Bath has some very thick shibori scarves to wrap up in, and long nuno scarves using the Notan design.
There are elegant felt collars and bright nuno felted scarves made by Sandra Tredwell, and next to these are Marion Dawson’s soft delicious felt scarves.

T’Arts Windows 29 June-  30 July 2014

 One of T’Arts most colorful artists Geraldine Krieg has funky crotched hats which are embellished with smiles to brighten a dull day. Her eye-popping papier mache work is in the window this month. You cant miss it!


June 2015



Tarts Collective
June 2015

31 May -27 June

fold bend over or double up so that one part lies on another part

2. to bend (cloth, paper, etc) over upon itself

3. to bring together and intertwine or cross

4. to enclose: wrap: envelop

n.any group or community sharing a way of life or holding the same values

fold, pleat, bend, corrugate, crinkle, wrinkle

Felt Folds

an investigation of folds in felt by Maude Bath

Nature Inspired: Jenny Knight and Lyn Branson 

These works, inspired by various walks throughout the botanic gardens, are made by Lyn Branson using bead embroidery and Jenny Knight's beadwork. 
The techniques used by both artists overlap at times
Pictured are Lyn's two leaves, worked in bead embroidery and including a
blue gum leaf done in freeform bead embroidery. 
Jenny's pieces are a poppy necklace and a poppy brooch. There is also lotus flower brooch which will be part of a series of work. 


New Wearables for Winter by Sandra Shaw

Screenprinted patterns combine with embroidery in these popular tops by Sandra Shaw.
Longer in style, and with sleeves for the cooler weather they will be a great addition to your wardrobe!



May 2015



Tarts Collective
May 2015

3- 29 May

Mother’s Day

For the Mother’s day window
T’Arts Artists are donating exquisite small 10cm x10cm artworks.
They are in a variety of mediums, including canvases, beautiful scarves and jewellery.
Most will be sold for $10, some are a little dearer but all are an absolute bargain.
All of the proceeds from the sales will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
Like everyone else, our members have been touched by the tragedy of breast cancer, so this year we, as T’Arts artists decided to contribute towards a cure.
This is something we can do to make a difference.

Buy something extra for your Mum and you too can help make a difference for all women.

Great News!!!

Congratulations to T’Arts Artist Julie Frahm for being selected as a finalist in the 2015 Reart International Upcycle Exhibition.  Two of her recycled glass necklaces were displayed in Sydney at
the M2 Gallery, 450 Elizabeth St Surry Hills NSW 2010 from Wednesday April 22 until Sunday April 26.  

This particular necklace was made from a Kronenbourg Beer Bottle.  Find more of her work at

Coming up next month at T’Arts

Felt Folds
fold, pleat, bend, corrugate, crinkle, wrinkle

Maude Bath investigates folds in felt



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