April 2015



Tarts Collective
April 2015
April Window Display

29th March – 2nd May

Window 1
Window 2

Ivana Di Stasio

“Breakfast at L’Incontro” 

Inspiration for my T’Arts window comes from Adelaide’s iconic building, the Adelaide Arcade.

The Adelaide Arcade has an old world  charm which makes it very unique and beautiful to visit.

I hope to ‘capture’ some of its charm in my sculptural pieces as well as my jewellery. Very excited!!

Helen      Vanessa
Moon       Murphy

“Celebrating 100 years of the zip”.

It is hard to imagine life without this amazing invention.

Every day we zip up our clothes, bags, boots, etc. and enjoy the form given on zipping up.

Vanessa Murphy and Helen Moon are collaborating in their textile dying and printing to create a new range of bags and clothes.

May Window Display
3rd May – 30th May

interesting developments!
     Window 1
Mothers Day

Last newsletter we showed you empty canvases & empty plastic cubes.

TArts artists have been busy decorating those blank spaces, ready for the upcoming ‘Mother’s Day’ window display, 4-30 May 2015.

The proceeds from sales will ALL go to The National Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve been up to…”

    Window 2 
Kathryn Hill

Kathryn Hill, Jann Makepeace, Liz Yates and Helen Dorsman

use snippets from the past, rearranged and reworked anew. Lost words, found pattern….. and the games people play.

Window 2 Featured Artists

Helen Moon & Vanessa Murphy

Celebrating 100 Years of the Zip

The History of the Zipper

In 1851 Elias Howe, who invented the sewing machine, received a patent for an “automatic continuous clothing closure”. Due to the success of his sewing machine, he did not pursue the marketing of his invention.

In 1895, 44 years later, Whitcomb Judson marketed a ” clasp locker ” similar to Howe’s patent, and formed the Universal Fastener Company, but  met with little commercial success. Gideon Sundback became head designer at the  Company and married the plant manager’s daughter. After she died in 1911, Sundback busied himself at the design table and in December, 1913 he came up with his design for our modern zipper. His patent for his “separable fastener” was issued in 1917 and he also designed a machine to produce his continuous chain. The name originated in the 1910’s when a company used them in the production of rubber boots, and gave it the name zipper, which we have used ever since.

It wasnt until the 1930’s that the device became part of the clothing industry.It was used in a range of children’s clothes to promote self reliance in the young being able to dress themselves.

In 1937 the zip was used instead of buttons for mens trousers. Since then it became part of the clothing, luggage and leather goods industry in general.

So it is 100 years since the initial design was refined into our modern zipper and gradually became part of our life.
How many zips are in your house??? It would be interesting to spend a few minutes counting them and discovering their various uses.

Vanessa and Helen have celebrated this wonderful invention in their new range of bags and clothing for the month of April in their Tarts window display

Helen has used the zip as a functional part of her jackets  and dresses, and also as a focal point in the designs.There may be something hidden under a zip that we don’t expect.

Vanessa’s bags have always featured Zips as an integral part of construction.

The first bags used were a simple circle of fabric with a cord or leather thong threaded around the circumference of the circle that was gathered up to close the purse and it was worn under clothing for protection. Today we have the zip which ensures security as well as giving form to the structure of a bag.

The Button Bar in The Adelaide Arcade are a wonderful source of zips and have been interested in our window Celebrating 100 years of the Zip. They have generously loaned us a range of zips to include in our display and may even allocate one of their windows at their shop for a display.

Maude is in the midst of a Sea change!

For the fast approaching autumn/winter season Maude is creating a new range of scarfs, wraps, collars and brooches designed around the sea.

The first two are here already:
 Leafy sea dragon scarf and sea anemone collar. Wow!

More to come in the next few weeks………..

News from Galleria Innocente


Level 1 Rundle Place


       “Meet the Maker”    
 1st April to 29 April 2015

David Innocente – Designer /Artist

Tania Ingerson – Photographer

Helen Moon – Silk artist

Ivana Di Stasio – Glass artist

Renew Adelaide has given 4 local artists the opportunity to run their own

gallery space right here in the heart of the city!

  Janet Ayliff                    Art Tour