August SALA 2015


Tarts Collective
SALA 2015


You are cordially invited to our official Opening Night in our Gallery for SALA on next Friday 31st July between 6 and 8 pm.
Drinks and nibbles will be supplied.

below: Margaret Marsh pendants, loom beaded & set in resin

What will you see at T’Arts during the SALA event?
There will be an “Artist in the Window” in window 1 each day during the SALA festival working at what they do best. Artists’ work will be available for sale as it is being made.
Window 2 will feature work done by artists from recent workshops or new work they are doing to stretch their boundaries. It will be different from their usual work on display in the gallery and will be titled “Living and Learning”  to tie in with the Theme of South Australian Living Artists.

Above: Robyn with her sketch Normanville Foreshore

Vanessa Murphy (Ness S City), who normally prints and constructs fabric
bags, will be spending time doing her other favourite "Playtime Activity",
drawing and painting her Greeting Cards in the SALA Window.

Just For Fun
There will be a large communal canvas in T’Arts that will be made up of dots/circles in various mediums (paper, fabric, clay etc…)
Anyone who comes into the shop please feel free to stick a dot onto the canvas to help create a pleasing, fun result that will involve everyone.

SALA events around town:

Robyn Zerna-Russell and Barbara Palmer are participating in a SALA exhibition in Gawler which is part of the Gawler Art Trail.
Collective Edge
An exhibition of contemporary art
Gawler Institute, 89 Murray St, Gawler
Opening hours Thurs 10am to 4 pm, Fri – Sun 10am to 4pm.
Below: 5355- Light Pass, Barb Palmer

Julie Frahm is involved in two SALA exhibitions:

1. Fleur Verre
Where: Adelaide City Library, Level 3, Rundle Place, Rundle Mall (Enter via Francis St – off Rundle Mall or via Da Costa Arcade)
Opening: Friday July 31 at 6.00pm.  To be opened by Councillor Susan Clearihan with MC Amanda Blair
What: I am exhibiting a range of recycled glass bead jewellery inspired by flowers.
2. Renew
Where: Pepper Street Art Centre, Magill Road
Opening: Sunday August 2 from 2-4pm
What: I will have a range of Green Depression Glass jewellery available as part of this group exhibition.  Other artists have created work from recycled/upcycled materials!
NEW INSPIRATIONS :  Helen Santangelo
Several years ago I spent a week at the Grampians Texture, where a wide variety of workshops are held to inspire us to explore new skills in contemporary textiles. I chose a 4 day workshop with Liz Maidment “spray-painted stitched landscapes” and completed 2 small pieces on calico and one on silk.
This was a most inspiring location for creativity, as well as joining a vast number of other passionate textile artists. Each morning I walked  from Halls Gap up the bushtrack to the Venus Baths to see the stream, the rocks, trees, birds, the fresh blue sky and feel the heat of the day arriving. Then a whole day…four in all…of creating. There were about 20 of us, spraypainting, stitching, swapping bits of fabric,  helping, and getting lots of inspiration from watching the diversity of our work as it grew.
I took the waratah as a motif, having  seen Margaret Preston’s woodcut Cockatoo…and love the way they stand up so straight and alone in our wild bushland. That red is also very hard to paint.
Since then I have tried to combine my silkpainting,  with collage and handstitching in both my clothing  and to make wall pieces. I also painted a new range of australian native flowers for my cards, and enjoyed the  challenge of using a small space with minimal lines and the colours of the bush.
I  live in the country and work surrounded by the garden, so I am constantly observing plants, how they change and develop. I also love books of  botanical drawings. To then try and paint/stitch them is a challenge, another kind of growing process.
The next step in the creative process and for me one of the hardest, is to take it out of the house, find a shop to put it, and hopefully sell it. I dont like to see textiles under glass, so in framimg my work I have used recycled frames, removing the glass, or covered a canvas board. This is definitely still a work in progress.