Barbara Palmer

South Australian Painter

Website: Under construction

The pattern in the surface of water, the texture of stone or the elongated shapes in a shadow, inspire me to create. I can charge the mundane scene with saturated colour and create a new vibrant vision.

Since graduating from the North Adelaide School of Art, I have been involved in Visual Art and Design education and exhibited works over that time in solo and group exhibitions. I have always lived and worked in country areas situated on the edge of urban population. This space between city and country is often reflected in my artistic expression.

My work is inspired by my love of land and sea and the footprints of human activity found where they meet. Although descriptive of the places I visit, my paintings are not documentary but rather concerned with shape, colour and layering of textures to express something of the essence and atmosphere that I experience.  At times I am compelled to incorporate recognizable forms and other times I focus on texture, colour or phenomena that translate well to organic abstraction.

Exploration and constant experimentation are part of my painting processan investigation of the patterns, colours and relationships found in the landscape or in the painting itself. Once an idea is formulated and the project is begun, the painting evolves intuitively.

I use modelling paste, acrylics, water-color paint, pastel, charcoal, collaged photographs, found objects and drawing media to create texture and low relief on the canvas surface.

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