Bev Bills

Fibre Art. Weaving.


When it comes to Textiles, I love to explore the diversity that fibres offer, the challenging applications of works in and on paper, fabric of wool, cotton or plant fibre, weaving creative textural forms, as well as molding paper, either transformed into books or printed on.

The versatile Fibre, colour and texture allows me to weave fabric for clothing, tapestries for the wall, handmade felt, scarves or handmade paper printed on providing a surface for words. Mediums can be overlapped and challenged, stimulate visions to embellish and create.

Nature, an important factor in design, captured through the lens of my camera, colours, the exuberance of textures and shapes transferred into fabric and yarns. As a teacher & encourager of all arts and crafts, the creative aspects are passed onto others to excite and create. Learning continues on through teaching, experimenting through the work that students produce. Knowledge is to be built on and shared.

Commissions on application.

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