Catherine Hewitt

Handmade paper objects

I have always had an attraction to landscape; its formation; what lies beneath.  Immersion in the landscape and the treasures revealed through chance entice me to gather and collect: rock specimens, marine debris, photographs, memories.

The interconnectedness of all things fascinates me. It is fundamental to my art practice ranging across simple symbiotic relationships such as algae and fungi which form lichen, to the large-scale multifaceted communities of an ocean reef. My work reflects our landscape -constantly evolving but rooted in what we know through biological and earth sciences.

My art and design practice revolves around photography, papermaking, printmaking and painting.

During the last 4 years I have been making paper – recycling cotton rag papers and board in a process of papermaking which mimics natural processes of erosion, accretion and metamorphosis. Nothing is wasted in my creation of 2D and 3D mixed media works. I call them paperscapes.  They include both interpretations of natural elements for wall and lighting as well as wearable expressions of these elements.