David Innocente

Wood and Metal

Website: www.innocente.com.au

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/GalleriaInnocente?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

I began designing and hand crafting jewellery boxes in 2005. I was born in Adelaide, and have lived here all of my life. I come from an Italian background, and my parents surrounded me with food, music and visual art. I have always been drawn to the arts and the freedom that comes from being creative.

Innocente Jewellery Box Designs started with a surprise gone wrong. My partner Tania said she wanted a jewellery box to organise all of her jewellery which at the time was a bunched up mess. I decided to surprise her by building one for her. She announced one day that she was going to buy a jewellery box and I had to tell her what I was doing before it was complete. I showed her what I had done so far, and when it was finished, she suggested I do more of them. The design of that one was very traditional, but I soon began to experiment with different materials and shapes. One design led to another and has resulted in the designs you see today.

I start most of my designs with a basic concept in mind and improvise as I go, solving problems on a new design as construction develops. This brings a certain amount of frustration but it also brings surprising results as sometimes the finished box is different from the original idea. (Hopefully for the better)

A long time interest in motoring, particularly the beauty of body shape and design, has been a partial inspiration for some of the styles. Also the bold colours and painted finishes of the boxes come from motoring ideals.

Shapes of all types have inspired many of my finished designs. A background in mechanics, the building industry and the arts has given me the skills to design and craft the Innocente Jewellery Boxes.

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