June 2015



Tarts Collective
June 2015

31 May -27 June


v.to bend over or double up so that one part lies on another part

2. to bend (cloth, paper, etc) over upon itself

3. to bring together and intertwine or cross

4. to enclose: wrap: envelop

n.any group or community sharing a way of life or holding the same values

fold, pleat, bend, corrugate, crinkle, wrinkle

Felt Folds

an investigation of folds in felt by Maude Bath

Nature Inspired: Jenny Knight and Lyn Branson 

These works, inspired by various walks throughout the botanic gardens, are made by Lyn Branson using bead embroidery and Jenny Knight's beadwork. 
The techniques used by both artists overlap at times
Pictured are Lyn's two leaves, worked in bead embroidery and including a
blue gum leaf done in freeform bead embroidery. 
Jenny's pieces are a poppy necklace and a poppy brooch. There is also lotus flower brooch which will be part of a series of work. 


New Wearables for Winter by Sandra Shaw

Screenprinted patterns combine with embroidery in these popular tops by Sandra Shaw.
Longer in style, and with sleeves for the cooler weather they will be a great addition to your wardrobe!