Kathryn Hill

Painter. Printmaker. Installation Artist.

Born in Sydney, but residing in South Australia since 1982, my art practice has evolved over the last thirty-five years.  Always drawn to visual art as a means of expression, I have come to understand the power of images as a conduit to communicate ideas between people. Beginning my academic studies in painting, drawing and printmaking, I now embrace a range of techniques through which I explore my concept-driven approach to art.

As a regular bushwalker and as an artist I have often drawn inspiration for new work from this ancient and fragile landscape and its fauna and flora.  As I walk and contemplate, I develop ideas and scratch out sketches, then look for a means of representing my experiences in a visual dialogue.

Recently I have used encaustic techniques, textiles and hand-stitching, assemblage and installation as a visual representation of my grappling with ideas and concerns.  The attributes that I believe I bring to my artwork include curiosity, experimentation, dogged determination and patience.  I find myself engrossed in the almost meditative processes of surface preparation and application of paint, ink or wax and the repetition and movement of the drawn, incised or stitched line.

Art is my difficult companion; it frustrates and instructs and delights. 

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