Margaret Marsh

Hand Bags and Accessories

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I’m Margaret Marsh, a textiles fan since childhood when my mother introduced me to the delights of creating with a needle and thread.  As a young adult I completed a Diploma in Fashion Dressmaking and Design from the Norwood Technical & Further Education Centre.  Exploring cut, fabric manipulation and drape still heavily influences my work.

My goal is to create bags and accessories that are functional, visually attractive, a bit whimsical and a pleasure to own.   I’m inspired by lots of different things – a handful of beads, different shapes, manipulating or embroidering fabrics, or the ‘sense’ of a particular period in history.   I use a variety of fabrics and also create my own from felting, needle felting, silk paper, mixed media and yarns.  

A key focus of my work is the ‘Just One’ bags and purses, all creations that cannot be replicated.  I also design specific styles, but where fabric, colour, size or embellishment variations make each bag or purse different.  People who buy my bags can be assured that theirs is one of a kind 

Creating a bag is like doing a three dimensional jig-saw puzzle.  A very simple bag has at least ten essential pieces, but some bags require lots more.  Most of these pieces are not outwardly visible on the finished product, but are integral to a bag that works when it is filled with a myriad of items!  My textile bags are treated twice with Scotch guard to provide extra protection when used.

When creating jewellery, I like using very small glass beads because of their versatility.  I enhance them with sterling silver beads & findings.  Most of my designs take many hours to develop and manipulating and stitching with such tiny beads is an acquired skill.  Influences in my creations have ranged from the elegant luxury of beaded jewellery in the 1920s to the simple lines of Art Deco design, the complexity of mosaics, or the dazzle of a fireworks display.


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