Marion Dawson


The Art of creating Felt Textiles is not new. Its origins date back to ancient times and nomadic tribes.

How good is that! An ancient art revived, practiced and so popular all over the world today.

I came across the creation of Felt quite by accident over 20 years ago. It has taken me on an amazing journey with never a dull moment. I have been fortunate to study this art-form with many Australian and International  Feltmakers and benefited greatly.  Formal training in Woolclassing and running sheep has given me a deep understanding of the versatility and resilience of this amazing fibre.

With family links and strong bonds in South Australia I undertake regular visits. Travelling provides a wonderful variation in environment which leads to inspiration and contrasts combining rural lifestyle in East Gippsland with landscapes and seascapes in abundance. The colours and nature of the land;  an impressive palette which is often an inspiration for pieces created.

I follow traditional methods of Felt Art, everything is created by hand.

My works are always “one off” which offers individuality. Sometimes sensual; on other occasions practical, usually encompassing colour. A variety of works are created including fashion garments, accessories, interior pieces, wall art and sculptural forms.  I don’t plan very often, I create from the heart, my Felt Art “evolves” and more often than not my art work is portraying a message.

I have a keen interest in the Arts, assist regularly at Galleries, have coordinated numerous Felt Textile Exhibitions, and enjoy teaching Felt Workshops on a regular basis.