Maude Bath

Felt Artist





I take the world’s oldest textile and give it a contemporary twist. Felting is such a flexible and versatile process that I never tire of experimenting. The possibilities are endless.

Maude grew up in the outback mining town of Broken Hill before moving to Adelaide in the late 1970s. The inspiration for many of her designs is the Australian bush. Sometimes she even uses leaves from bush plants to create patterns and dye her fabric.

She has been creating hand made felt since 1991 and has studied with such varied feltmakers as Jorie Johnson, Alexander Pillin, Anna Gunnasdottir and Polly Stirling. Her work has evolved into bright and light felts that are finely textured and suit the Australian climate.

One of her favourite techniques is Nuno felting, where silk chiffon is wedded to fine merino wool. She has adapted the Japanese design concept of notan to feltmaking. The result is a unique piece of wearable art, beautifully textured, sensual and light to wear.

Maude has been a member of T’Arts since it began in 2003. She has exhibited in galleries around Australia, New Zealand and Japan. She frequently teaches felting and is happy to accept commissions.


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