Mid July 2015


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New Artists

Llewelyn Ash

Glass Blower

Llewelyn has always been connected with his surroundings. Growing up in the Adelaide hills enriched his experience of natural flora and fauna. Art began in the home for him with both parents being artists, Glen Ash, well-known for his oil painting and Janet Ayliffe a celebrated water colour painter and print maker. From a young age Llewelyn started drawing the animals he was surrounded by; chooks, ducks, dogs, and donkeys. Surfing then became a major part of Llewelyn’s journey, moving down the South Australian coastline along every peninsula.  It was only fitting to fill his drawing books with images of the ocean, with its sea life, and the natural beach landscapes.

Llewelyn primarily worked in watercolors, photo polymer etchings and oil paints in his earlier works. Studying at the University of South Australia posed new techniques and challenges.  Ultimately this is where he was introduced to his passion and love, glass. Being guided and mentored by Gabrielle Bisetto and tutored by Tim Shaw, Llewelyn, created his own unique and distinctive style.

Llewelyn’s glass is now being exhibited in art galleries Australia wide.  With exhibitions held in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney in the last two years, with achievements including the Design Institute of Australia award, finalist in the Australian National Glass Museum Student Award, Selected as a Jam Factory Associate, Recipient of the Pilchuck Scholarship in Seattle and won the Waterhouse Youth Art Prize.

Barbara Palmer


The pattern in the surface of water, the texture of stone or the elongated shapes in a shadow, inspire me to create. I can charge the mundane scene with saturated colour and create a new vibrant vision.
Since graduating from the North Adelaide School of Art, I have been involved in Visual Art and Design education and exhibited works over that time in solo and group exhibitions. I have always lived and worked in country areas situated on the edge of urban population. This space between city and country is often reflected in my artistic expression.
My work is inspired by my love of land and sea and the footprints of human activity found where they meet. Although descriptive of the places I visit, my paintings are not documentary but rather concerned with shape, colour and layering of textures to express something of the essence and atmosphere that I experience.
At times I am compelled to incorporate recognizable forms and other times I focus on texture, colour or phenomena that translate well to organic abstraction.

Exploration and constant experimentation are part of my painting process; an investigation of the patterns, colours and relationships found in the landscape or in the painting itself. Once an idea is formulated and the project is begun, the painting evolves intuitively.
I use modelling paste, acrylics, water-color paint, pastel, charcoal, collaged photographs, found objects and drawing media to create texture and low relief on the canvas surface.

Janet Ayliffe Print Artist, Painter and Printmaker

Janet Ayliffe has been working as a print artist, painter and printmaker for more than 20 years. In that time, she has developed a highly original style that reflects her life, her environment and her family.A pioneer of solar plate etching techniques as well as multiple plate work, she produces art that is, at once, accessible and deeply complex and, at times, mystical.
Here you will discover the breadth of her creativity as well as a window into her life, her development, her children, her home and the hills, animals and plants that surround her. You will find, too, the emotions that stir her, the issues that concern her and the people who have touched her heart. And you will learn a little of the skills she has developed, from Wood Engravings to Intaglio Etching, aquatint and oil and watercolour painting
Most of all, you will be offered a view into the art of her heart.
Born and brought up at a farm on Kangaroo Island, Janet now lives with her family at Honey Humm Farm outside Kangarilla, a village in the beautiful hills region south of Adelaide in South Australia.

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