Rosi Gates

I love the challenge of working in textiles. Using fabric, paint, paper and stitch I create landscapes or other representational images. I work in several different styles using a variety of techniques – free motion thread sketching using a domestic sewing machine, manipulating fabric to create texture, hand stitch, painting or using fabric as paint, free motion reverse appliqué, collage and eco-dyeing techniques. Free- motion stitching &/or hand stitch is the means by which I add detail and capturing character to create my unique textile pieces.

Living in the beautiful Adelaide Hills I am inspired by the obvious and the hidden beauty in the world around me. Working often from my own photographs I like to depict things I have seen or found that capture my interest:- rural landscapes, fence-posts, seascapes, old boats, lighthouses and the humble chook! Through my work I hope others can see and be inspired by the beauty of creation inherent in our natural environment.