Sandra Tredwell



Felt making is an ancient craft which has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity. Sandra takes you into the dazzling world of felt as you’ve never seen it – a poetry of wool.

After visiting a felt exhibition in England in 1996 Sandra was entranced by the exciting array of felt. The gallery was adorned with clothing, wall hangings, shoes, toys, masks and rugs, which were all made of felt. On returning to Australia, Sandra experimented with her new found medium, developing her own creative interpretation of this traditional craft.

Felt has the ability to retain its shape, which allows the artist to mould the medium into unique pieces. These can be enhanced with the addition of luxurious silks, hand and machine embroidery, beads and shells. The end result of any piece is unpredictable because the process of felting causes the fibres to shrink and fuse. At times the challenge is to control these effects to produce the desired result, but at other times, it is a matter of allowing the piece to evolve.

Inspiration for Sandra comes from nature, art, pattern or, simply, the colours and textures of the raw materials. She hopes you enjoy a new appreciation of this ancient art form.


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