October 2015


T’Arts Collective
27 Sept-24 Oct

'Old Dogs New Tricks'
Sheryl Glassmith and Robert Perin

A collaboration of ideas.
An opportunity for experimentation.
An excuse to be playful

Four Corners of the World

Joint Exhibition by David Innocente & Tania Ingerson

Combining cartography with photography

Powder coated metal & hand cut velour maps by David Innocente

Photography by Tania Ingerson

Above: Tania Ingerson: “The Tower At Sunset”

Paris – New York – Adelaide –  Venice

These four iconic cities are cities that are special to David and Tania for different reasons
Venice The Fashion, The Canals, The Family Connection
New York  The Music, The Art Deco Architecture, The Bridges
Paris The Tower, The History, The Food
Adelaide The diversity, The Hidden Treasures, The Lifestyle

Each city has its own character when viewed from above and each one is very distinctly designed. The feeling of all of these cities, to us, is very much like their design. Paris has a very chaotic look whereas Adelaide seems very ordered and calm. New York has a dense, tight design but is easy to navigate, where Venice is just the epitome of a city which is easy to get lost in. Each is unique and this work shows them in all their glory.

Below: Image of map of Paris  “ Red, White, Black and Bleu”

Textiles-Surface Design

My printing journey began after starting a Weaving Course at O’Halloran Hill T.A.F.E. (art/craft certificate) and continued study at Stanley Street ,North Adelaide –  Ass. Dip. Fabric design.
It was at Stanley where I discovered fabric design printing and painting on fabric which looked more exciting and simpler to produce than weaving. Whilst at Art School I also worked for Bernina sewing machines in Adelaide Arcade which helped pay for fees and equipment at art school.
I completed the Diploma in Weaving and Fabric Design and became a member of UZ Designs which was set up as a stepping stone for students leaving art school into the real world.  Then I went on to set up UZ Originals at the Old Jam Factory workshops with 2 fellow artists from art school.
In 1988 with my friend and Weaver Ingrid Lock we set up Onka Studio at The Old Clarendon Winery where we stayed for 15 years, this was my studio and place of sales, we had some wonderful years there. After closing this venture  I went on to help set up T’Arts Collective

I love watching the process from the drawing – print – design of  an out -fit and the finished product. I always get excited when I take the finished piece to T’Arts or other outlets to see the reaction and the hopefully a sale which gives a real sense of achievement!

My inspiration comes from the extensive travel in Australia and overseas, expect to see some French and Turkey influences in the coming year!
Most of my ideas come from flora, fauna and landscapes I see along the way
My recent work in T’Arts revolved around Australian Lizards and the rocks found in Kununurra W.A. – Zebra rocks. The fact that you can use the same print to different effects by using different colours or different materials makes it fun and exciting  to experiment.

One of the things I struggled with over the years is coming up with that finished piece that will sell to pay the rent etc. and once I had children I found this more difficult. So I decided to get a part-time job to take the pressure off and began working as a support worker in the community in the aged -care area.
It is rewarding work but sometimes takes over my life, but it also means I can enjoy just being creative and develop ideas without the pressure of it having to sell, and soon!!!