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SALA Canvas

31 May -27 June


During the month of August for the SALA Festival we had a huge canvas set up in the demonstration window. Any visitors to our Gallery were encouraged to contribute by gluing dots onto it. The circles had been made previously by members of the Collective, and were cut from artist-made fabrics, papers, and other objects such as felted or silk filled bangles, and silk covered buttons, as well as commercially sourced beads.

Margaret Oakley was the first person to place a dot:

After a slow start, with the help of customers John and Colleen Milson, and many many others, the canvas took off:

After a while it was hard to see where the new dots had been placed! Here’s a game of spot the difference for you:

By the end of the month we had a magnificently colourful canvas:

What fun!

Those of you who helped to make the canvas know that we were going to auction it as one large artwork to raise money for charity. Because the canvas as a whole was rather fragile, we decided it was necessary to cut it up and frame it so that the works were protected by glass.

We are now offering four beautiful, framed sections for sale.

They will be $55 each (cost of any postage is extra). They can be seen in our gallery or on our Facebook page. Proceeds from the sale of these will be donated to Centacare which helps homeless youth and victims of domestic violence here in Adelaide.

So hurry in to the shop, or contact us, to buy your piece of the original canvas

Phone: 08 82320265

Email: tarts@internode.on.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tarts.Collective/timeline