Susan Napoli

Textile Artist



Susan Napoli is a contemporary textiles artist whose artwork is highly textural in its construction, mixing different media to build a complexity of form. In 1991, Susan completed a Bachelor of Education degree in Visual Arts at Melbourne University, majoring in textiles and printmaking. She went on to teach art in secondary schools until 1997 at which time she had her first child. Whilst raising her young children she was able to continue practicing art and sold pieces through a number of galleries in Melbourne along with individual commissioned works.

Susan’s artwork is quite unique as she explores colour and pattern through the manipulation of fabrics. Using paint, printed fabrics and threads she builds up layers and then scratches into the surface, along with using machine embroidery and photographic imaging to add depth to her work. This process provides an uneven and dimensional quality to her work.

Themes she has explored include antiquity, heritage and nature with subject matter ranging from family history, fruits, flowers and sea creatures. In many of her art works, it is her intention to create art pieces that appear weathered and aged as though they were fragments that had been discovered from a past century.

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