Window Display – Jane and Christian Sabey




November’s window display features a beautiful collection of natures most vulnerable. Ceramic artist Jane Sabey teams up with her son Christian an avid traveller and photographer together capturing the natural world from Africa and Australia. Two continents divided, life between them so different yet so similar in many ways.

The display titled ‘Nature’s Way’ sees Jane and Christian capture the expression of life in the natural world. Using clay as Jane’s preferred medium and the use of found objects portrays animals interactions with their environment. ‘Favourite Waterhole’ depicts birdlife and their oasis, while ‘Makulu displays togetherness and a reliance on each other for survival.

Christian’s travel throughout remote regions of the world has provided his inspiration to capture animals through the lens of a camera. Christian’s current work focuses on the connection animals have to modified landscapes. ‘Chatter box’ highlights the appearance of the galah’s social life whilst perched on a clothesline while a Central Bearded Dragon surveys his territory from above in ‘My Domain.’

Do visit T’arts to see this wonderful display as it is certainly a must see experience.